It Could Happen – Debbie-Lee

Debbie-Lee, this is what I am trying to say…

By deciding to stay home tonight, or not, you can set in motion a chain reaction of events that affects individuals in ways that you do not think possible.

What if you did go out tonight? You decide to wear your red shoes. The red shoes attract the attention of a woman with a jealous boyfriend. He sees her look at you and thinks that she is attracted to you. They argue about it in public causing a security guard to get involved.

The guard gets his nose broken in the fracas and has to take two weeks off to heal. He now has more time update his blog on the Singularity and whether man will ever be able to live peacefully with machines.

A student is researching the Singularity for his thesis and finds the security guard’s blog. He plagiarizes it and graduates, eventually earning his doctorate in clinical psychology.

One of his patients is the child of one of the scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider…


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