Vehicle Maintenance 1

Scheduled to take my vehicle in for maintenance at 7 am, I arrive at 10 am.

I am directed to a smug, mid-50 year old man, who is wearing a closely fitted company polo shirt and khakis. He tells me that I am too late, and I ask on what date I should return. He asks for my license plate number, and what the mileage on the vehicle is, but he seems surprised at my reply.

Taking my car keys from me, he goes to verify the mileage himself. On his return, his attitude has changed. He says they will service my vehicle, and that I should return at 4 pm. He then signals to a young man who approaches with a sheepish smile.

The young man’s hair is styled in cornrows and he speaks in a falsetto tone. He walks me around the vehicle inspecting it for damage and attempting to make casual small talk. He asks me if the car has a cigarette lighter, and advises that I stop smoking. I tell him that I do not smoke. He replies that he is joking.

I ask him when I should return to retrieve the vehicle and he points out that I am last in line. He has me sign some forms.

Giving me his personal mobile phone number, he offers to jump my car forward in line if I promise to call him. I pretend to memorize it.


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