Dinner with Michelle

I am sitting beside several strangers at a long table in a large victorian banquet hall, but there is no food. I am wearing a heavy dark cloak with an ample hood that covers my head.

The door is flung open and Michelle enters the hall and takes her seat on the opposite side of the table. She is wearing a white crinoline dress and is accompanied by three tall men dressed in black.

The men have black grackle heads with yellow eyes and sharp beaks. Rather than arms they have wings that extend to the floor. Their feet are birds feet. Two stand on either side of Michelle and one behind her as protectors.

She turns to look at me, and then utters a shrill scream that startles the guests at the table. I throw back my hood and raise my hand, fingers outstretched, over her head. She is immediately silenced, her face following my hand as I move it to and fro. However, I can feel her trying, struggling to break free of my control. I am using all of my power to subdue her. I have to find a way out.

Slowly, my arm still outstretched, I move backward toward the door. Michelle follows. The Grackles, her protectors, spread their wings behind and over her and move toward me. I am getting weaker; they are much too strong.

My hold on Michelle is broken and I flee.


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