Faux Pas

I appear to be in the front office of a security firm, or someone’s den.

On the desk I see a white business card. It is partially concealed under other brochures and documents but I manage to read the first two letters of each line of the green logotype. The top line reads, “FO…” The line below that reads, “PA…”

Looking through the door I see a large sign but I am again only able to make out the same portion of the green writing; “FO… PA…”

The climate seems North American. There are evergreens beyond the signage outside. I deduce that the words might read, FOREST PARK.

Forest Park Security? Is there such a place? Forest Park, Ontario?

How did I get here? Have I ever been here before?

Or is the message subliminal? FO… PA…

Could it be that I have made a ‘faux pas’ and I am now in the custody of the law?

Having returned to Forest Park. It is not familiar from outdoors. However, the tree line to the south is exactly as I remember it through the window.


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