…there are three individuals, a man, a woman, and a man, standing in line at information desk at the mobile phone company. I pick up a brochure about the latest iPhone and head toward the queue. As I move to get in line, a woman moves with the same intention from another direction. I step back and gesture that she should stand in place before me.

I find her very attractive, her eyes wide and clean. Her hair is of the blackest that I have seen and her lips are full and bordered by a well-defined ridge. She is in casual dress; blue close-fitting jeans, a sleeveless blouse of fabric light enough to see through, and brown leather wedge-heeled shoes with a matching large handbag over her right shoulder.

I begin flipping through the brochure, but notice she is frequently turning around, dashing furtive glances at me. She turns around to ask if she can have a look at the brochure. I tell her that she can have it and leave the line to get another for myself. Returning, I cut in line behind her and she asks if I intend to purchase an iPhone. I reply that I find them a bit expensive and that I have no one to call anyway. Our punctuated, friendly conversation about mobile phones continues during which she says the words “my boyfriend” 3 times.

She turns back in the direction of the line for a bit, then turns fully around to face me and asks if she knows me from anywhere. She asks me where I live, and if I have ever worked at a sporting equipment store. I reply that I haven’t.

It is now her turn at the information desk. She deals with her affairs and then says goodbye to me. I say goodbye to her and step to the desk…


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