Royal Jael

I am carrying an attache case, and walking down a quiet street on an overcast afternoon. I come across a large uncovered palanquin being carried on the shoulders of four dark-skinned men with broad noses and unusually long necks who are wrapped in yards of bright white fabric.

On the palanquin are six individuals of varying ages. Their skin is darker, their necks longer, and their noses larger than those of palanquin bearers. They are also draped in white fabric. On their faces they wear a sleepy, eyes-half-closed appearance of existential ennui. These attributes appear to be symbols of their royal status. As we pass each other, they all look at me with great interest then they disappear around a corner.

I continue on my way, but in the distance I can see the familiar shapely figure of Jael approaching on the other side of the street. I can tell it is her due to the long slender neck and narrow shoulders that curve in to a small waist, then outward to wider hips. Also recognizable is the seductive way her figure is attempting to walk, though making a mess of it by being entirely too aggressive. She is wearing a St. Francois Girls School uniform. Hardly any of the green colour of the skirt remains after much laundering.

Keeping my head straight ahead I prepare to perform my ritual of secretly looking at her, following her only my eyes.

My plan seems to be on it’s way to success when suddenly, as she arrives at a point obliquely opposite to me, her neck stretches across the street bringing her face to face with me.

“WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!”, she screams.

Understandably startled, I defend myself by striking her with my attaché case square on her nose, which has grown to an immense size. This action of mine causes the thick brown powder, which is always of a lighter shade than should be used on someone of her skin tone, to leave her face and fill the air so that I am blinded for a short time.

When the dust, or powder, begins to thin out, I can see the silhouette of Jael running back the way she came. However, her arms and legs are bending backward at the knees and elbows.


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