Dragon Song

I am with two others hiding within the rubble of The Science Facility. It has been burnt to the ground by three ferocious dragons that are now airborne, circling the compound from above; one is white, the other emerald green, but the third pitch black. They cannot get to us

While devising ways to protect my companions from them, the green dragon lands on the ground and allows my friends to approach. They play with it, stroking it’s belly and climbing on it’s back. It then flies away. My companions fall for the emerald dragon’s trick and stop assisting me in seeking defense

Digging through the rubble I find the same awkward ventilation shaft that has served as my escape from the science facility in the past. This time I intend to use it to get back in. It is always too small for me to pass through easily. The dragons have returned.

Dragons sing with beautiful voices. My friends again leave the protection of the rubble to play with the emerald one, but I remain a safe distance away. It reads my thoughts. It glares at me sensing that I know it’s scheme. Can I get through the shaft before the dragons get to me?


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