There is a reason why superheroes are depicted as having relationship issues. The same qualities that make them likable are the ones that keep them distant. How can you dedicate yourself to the needs of many when one person wants your full attention?

I am in my late teens, on my way to a job interview. Taking a shortcut through an unfamiliar neighborhood, I walk past an old lady exiting her gate.

For the first time in a long time I am early for an appointment, but the old lady seems to be experiencing great difficulty. I stop to offer my assistance and she accepts.

As it turns out, she is on her way to the doctor. The taxi that usually picks her up has not shown up, so she has decided to walk around the corner to where she can get another taxi. It takes us 45 minutes to get around the corner. We are literally taking one step every 30 seconds, and she has to stop to rest often. The lady leans very heavily on my arm, but she is a delight to talk to. I have to keep reassuring her that she is not delaying me from anything important.

We finally make it around to the main street, and I wait with her until she finds a taxi driver she feels comfortable with.

I never meet the old lady again.

If you were waiting for me, would you believe I am 45 minutes late because I stopped to help an old lady?


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