Do You Like Big Girls?

…The waitress slips me a note. It reads, “Do you like Big Girls?”

I look up at her; she is petite, attractive, and wearing a short, tight skirt with a fitted white shirt tucked snugly in at the waist. She sees my confusion and gestures toward the kitchen where I see another waitress, ample in size.

I smile at her and reply to the one at my table that I don’t discriminate against nice people.

A few weeks have passed. She is now ignoring me and appears to be ‘with child’. (I could be wrong; the last time I congratulated a woman on her pregnancy she was nothing of the sort.)

A few months later, I learn from her that she has given birth to a little baby girl.

And I wonder who the baby’s father is, and if her mother was passing notes to me while being in a relationship with him…


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