The Rainbow-Striped Bikini

…the long dark night is over and we can see our way to fleeing the old house on the hill. I can’t tell who is with me, but I know that she’s a woman.

We make our way down the busy street to the docks and mingle with the crowd trying to avoid three thugs that have shadowed us from the house. Boarding a small outboard engine boat we cross the bay and hide among the pillars within a wide cavern.

There are fishing nets and buoys and other boating implements hanging from the pillars and I climb and hide among them. However, my female companion remains standing on the ground below. Why has she stopped running?

I can now see her more clearly. She is about 5’2″ tall, in her mid 50’s, and is rather stout; much like a middleweight bodybuilder.

Her name is Yvonne, or is it Audrie?

She is stripping layers of clothing off while the thugs get close to docking their own boat. As her short blue grey sweater is removed, she remains wearing a multicoloured bikini…


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