She Signs Her Name With a Heart – Laura

Laura writes…

“I got your letter today, and I was very happy to get it. I’ve been depressed for the longest while. For what? I honestly don’t know! Things are so boring these days.

So, how’s life in Florida? I hope you’re doing well in your studies and laying off the ‘babes’ for a while. Have you settled down already? Oh, by the way, I loved your card. It was… It was… It was… Oh heck it was just GREAT!!!

I’m sorry for making this letter so boring, but I’m trying my best, you know I’m not very well with words. It’s 8:30 pm and I’m at my grandmother’s house. Oops, not anymore, I ain’t. My mom’s ready to go now.

It is now 8:53 pm and I’m on my bed now thinking about what homework I’ve got. NONE, tomorrow’s Friday. Sometimes my jokes can be so corny. There’s only one thing to say, that is, ‘I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!’ When are you coming back?

Do you know that when you come back I’ll beeee… Should I tell you? Nah! Okay, Okay, if you insist. I’ll be 17. AN OLD WOMAN.

Hey, do me a favor, don’t change, don’t get old, don’t forget me, keep in close touch. Like as soon as you get this letter write back. And come home tomorrow (Sesame Street)”

(She signs her name with a heart, but adds)…

“P.S. I always sign my name like that. Write me as soon as you get this letter.


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