Email One – Lolita

Lolita has seen me interviewed on a local television talk show about a short story the I wrote, then adapted into a short animated film. The theme of the film is suicide, and since the host reveals my email address on the air, many of the viewers of the talk show begin emailing me thinking that my story is a personal cry for help.

Lolita is one of the emailers…

“Dear Roger,

I’ve just finished watching your piece of television here. I don’t have cable and so only watch the local stuff and I guess that’s how I was lucky to see a part of it. I got home and by the time I switched to the channel you were on it was already going on [where your animated guy was pondering about suicide] but it had full effect on me [as I’m sure it had on all others that viewed it]. I don’t know anything about animation but in my opinion it was really good, the moral, animation and also your voice suited it…just perfect…enough rope… I think that you’re doing a good job all round and sending out positively good messages. I do hope you continue with this and may God give light to your way to do so. Best of luck with all your endeavours.

Yours respectfully,



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