In Light and Love – Lolita

Lolita’s second email message. She writes in broken English.

None of her language, punctuation, or typographical errors have been corrected…

 From: lulita

Subject: In light and love

Date: February 19, 2004 3:37:13 PM

Hi Roger,

I am so surprised to hear from you but happy indeed that you take time from you busy schedule to respond. Thank you. Again I must say that I just loved that film and that channel should show it few times more, here I,m hoping to see the whole thing this time. You are most welcome for my comments and not only mines but also all those that you receive; I,m sure that it‚s not must us trying to compliment you but rather give you the truth and encourage you may need to help keep you going. Here I come on net for some inspiration myself but it‚s nice to sit back and watch it for a change, like yours. And believe it or not, things like that brings me to tears. Maybe some of the depression of this unfair and sometimes unforgiving cycle called life; one sees something like that [your piece] and it really makes them think. And as you‚ve said yourself, most of your creations are taken from your own life; well here I tell you that an artist always paints his life, or you may say to a write, „write what you know, and this is the best way to preach something, when you experience it. But I‚m glad that you choose the more happy end for the animation or else I [among others] would have been depressed.haha. Anyway, I know you‚re a EXTREMELY busy man so will not take more of your time. Again all the best to you with God‚s light always.

Take care,



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