Transparent – Lolita

This the last email from Lolita. The typos and grammatical errors have not been edited…

Hi Roger,

Wow! thanks for all your kind, acceptingly welcoming words; they mean a lot to me. And feeling compelled to reply, hhuummm now makes me feel special, haha. I feel honoured to have that. I‚m just a normal gal whom try give credit where it is due [maybe you‚re heard that before] and that‚s why when you gave out your e-mail address I turned on the pc same time to let you know that I think you are really talented and deserve it. Sometimes it happens that someone looks good and you don‚t let them know, but when they look bad it‚s so easy and abrupt to tell, same to if they do something good or nice; ever wonder why is that? Here seems like the part where I start going on and on as I know to myself I do that sometimes. Yes you are right, I do have a lot inside; your sub-conscious or instinct told you this only from a couple e-mails. I say you see people from within [or maybe I‚m just]. You know what Roger, I don‚t think myself as creative but if any exists in me I get this from the reflection [people whom I converse like yourself, „what you see in me is really what exists in you for I am a mirror]. I used to write like at times when I felt that I‚m bursting with ideas I‚d run and try to get it down on paper but by the time I got to the pen my mind would go blank, mute as my mouth. I have not done anything but am interested in art in general. You know art is such a broad spectrum that I get overwhelmed as which to focus on [if I will try something]. I am not working so use some time to read and write basically anything. For instance this last piece I wrote I titled it, „ [*** redacted ***] I am the only one who knows about this and you are the only one now except me ok? Well, I have to stop here for now, when I find that piece if you want it I will share it with you. Until then I will share some other things [not from me but] they will be to your liking I‚m almost positive. And do you take forward mails? I get some jokes or nice friendship and even inspirational things sometimes. So if you will accept all these I‚m surely gonna send them to you and I will hope that you will find them useful. Oh one more thing, I added you to my list at ******** my account there is sweetlolita@*****.com so I hope you don‚t mind. Have a good day today and a better one tomorrow. And do enjoy that Carnival season. Yeah I will play it safe, wanna know how safe?.I don‚t go anywhere. Actually I don‚t know yet if anyone will take me out but until then you take good care of yourself.

God‚s love to you, And also mines,


After this, Lolita begins calling me on the phone…


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