Secret Caller – Lolita

Lolita has become impatient with my delayed email replies.

Over the next few months, she begins calling me on the phone weekly. However, while we talk she is always whispering. On a few occasions she even ends our conversations abruptly, with an apology, and hangs up.

Eventually, when pressed, Lolita confesses that she is not allowed to use the telephone; she has been sneaking calls to me, and bad things would happen to her if caught.

I begin worrying about her safety. Then, I begin worrying about my safety.

There is a peculiar nature exhibited by some men that prevents them from attributing blame to the women they love despite those women being the initiators, or instigators of forbidden relationships no matter how innocent those relationships may be.

I begin to wonder what would happen should Lolita’s father, a wealthy businessman by her description, check his phone records. This scenario did not seem too far fetched considering the lengths he had gone to to hide Lolita away from the public.


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