Prisoner – Lana

Despite her raucous laughter at inappropriate moments during the movie, which was not comedy, I did enjoy Lana’s company. I get a taxi to take her home, and we go our separate ways.

A few weeks later I get a telephone call from Lana; she wants me to teach her something on her computer for a course she is taking. Reluctantly, I agree and take directions to her apartment.

As I get out of the taxi, I realize that I am not in the safest part of town. She meets me near a basketball court and we walk the rest of the way to her door on the fourth floor of an apartment building. Along the way the stairwell is dark, the elevator doesn’t work, and we skip between one or two indisposed gentlemen, and scantily clad women.

Once settled in at her place, I take a look around. It is clean, simple, and nicely decorated. I sit on the couch and she puts her laptop on the coffee table. From that position I show her the basics of what she needs to carry on on her own; it is getting late, and I have no intention of leaving this apartment building after dark.

Between Lana’s bouts of laughter I realize that she is catching on; I no longer need to take her step by step through the process. Eventually, I tell her that I think it is time that I leave.

“You’re joking, right?” she says with a wide smile on her face.

“Umm… Don’t you think I should leave before it gets dark?” I ask in reply. I am smiling nervously as her lips begin to quiver.

“But we’re not finished yet! This assignment is due tomorrow!”

Her voice is becoming shrill.

“But… I think I have shown you enough to…”

Before I finish my reasoning, Lana has stormed off and shut herself in her bedroom. I hear the lock.

I am standing in her hallway, knocking gently on her bedroom door, but there is no answer. From within I hear screaming and furniture being dragged around and knocked over. It is dark outside now, and not knowing which way to go once I leave her apartment, I return to her couch to sit and wait.

A half hour of silence passes, and I hear Lana’s door being unlocked. She emerges wiping tears from her eyes.

Without looking at me, she unlocks her front door and tells me that if I must leave then I should go. I exit the apartment hoping to get directions from her, but she shuts herself inside once I’m in the hallway.

I manage to retrace the steps I recall taking to get to Lana’s apartment, find a taxi, and make my way home.



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