She Knows Something – Alisha

I am the DJ at a friend’s wedding reception.

At some point during the evening, a preteen girl wearing a white dress with tiny embroidered flowers comes over to the DJ Stand and leans on it; elbows up, her chin resting on her hands.

She remains with me the entire night with a quiet smile on her face. The constant attention she pays to me makes me quite uneasy. Her eyes are smiling. Does she know something; some secret about me? Something about her seems older than her years.

Throughout the evening a few older individuals search her out to make sure she is safe. They call her Alisha and talk to her, but I do not know what they’re saying. Leaving her with me they walk away with smirks on their faces.

At the end of the wedding reception she waves goodbye to me and walks away with one of her relatives.


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