Pay Back – Melissa T

From: melissa <mel********>
To: shadow <theshadowrecruit****@********.com>
Sent: Sunday, December 4, 20** 8:56 PM
Subject: curious!!!!

Why do you always shut people out of your life and then apologize for it and end up doing it all over again?
Is it that you’re too busy to be friends with anyone or is it just with me?

I just want to know.



Apparently, Melissa is now married to the brother of a friend of mine.

Does he know that her friend Miss Jen, who only has sons but says that if she had any daughters she would want them to marry me, tried to set Melissa and me up as a couple?

I wonder if Melissa has told him that she had asked me to the movies, and that she insisted on paying for the tickets.

And did she let him know that as repayment for the movie the only thing she would accept is another movie date where I would pay for the tickets in return?

If so, she also has told him that she was upset with me for taking too long to take her to that movie.

They seem happy. But he’s usually more friendly toward me than he is today.



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