Love Always – Laura

December 12th. She writes:

Yes, I know, I know. This letter is way overdue. What do I have to say for myself? Well… will “sorry” do for now?
So how are things? I hope that you’re okay and as they say “holding it down.”
It’s been such a long time I hardly know what to say. (If this letter makes absolutely no sense to you, please acknowledge the fact that I’m in Math class, where nothing makes sense. Including Matrices. Mrs. Youngsing is sooo boring. I wish she’d stop snorting and repeating herself and for a change DO THE DAMN MATH.)

So how are your classes coming along? I’m sure you’re acing them.
What about the girls? Boy, the guys are totally lacking here.
When are you coming back? I miss you already. If you could, come home tomorrow. Just kidding.

Remember that hike we went on? That was really cool. Hopefully we could do that again some time soon.
As I sit here, TLC’s Creep keeps running through my head. The guy playing the sax is truly DIVINE.

Oh no, I think Mrs. Young-Sing is coming down my side of the classroom. I can hear her snorting.
I guess I’ll be going now.

(Yes, I know she’s coming, Maria. [I think I should have told Maria that verbally.])

Anyway, bye for now.
Write soon. Write a long letter too.

Love Always


She signs her name with a heart.


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