Just An Observation – Angela

Angela says,

“Just an observation. We have always started out as good friends, discuss everything, joke and laugh about silly things. Then one day you get quiet or say something… and it changes everything.”

And  I reply,

“Hi. Sorry but I’ve had migraine for the past three days. It is just now going away. What did I do or say the last time you stopped talking to me? The reason I ask is because I never know. I never get an explanation. I remember standing outside of an apartment in the cold, knocking on a door, trying to find out what the problem was. Your car was there but you never answered. Years before that, I remember you telling me that you never want to see or hear from me again without any explanation. I have spent all of my life alone. I am quite used to it. So I am not likely to become a very talkative person. This is who I am. Either way I am here for you as a friend as long as I am alive.”



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