The Plans Never Change

“Where are you going after you drop me off?”

“To pay my phone bill.”

“At the mall?”


“Can I come with you?”

“No, you may not come with me. That wasn’t a part of the plan. I’m taking you home.”

“Can’t the plan change?”

“You obviously don’t know me very well; the plans never change. If I brush my teeth before I shave instead of the other way around all hell breaks loose.”

“You just don’t want to be seen at the mall with me. I remember the last time I told someone that we were going to dinner together you were arguing with me all the way home.”

“We never went to dinner together. Did we go to dinner together?””

“Yes we did.”

“Did we? I do not recall.”

“I want to go to the mall.”

“Have I ever been mean to you?”

“Well… Only in your usual manner.”

“Why do you want to be around me at all?”

“And you still haven’t told me whether you’re going to see a movie with me.”

“Here we are. You’re home. Have a great afternoon.”


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