We Call This Ability “Seeding”

Sometimes, I encounter friends who share my thirst for discovery; for the science of the mind, and manipulation. Kit and I share this interest. We construct a series of hypotheses around anecdotal evidence, however we need subjects on whom to experiment.

There is a large transportation hub that we pass through on the way home from school. There, among the crowds, we choose our subjects.

Executing a predetermined sequence of actions, along with eye contact, within the visual range of these subjects and from various locations in the crowd of commuters, then changing our positions in the crowd, we succeed in burning images of ourselves into their minds.

We call the process “Seeding”.

I cannot elaborate on the particulars of Seeding since it may be used by the less scrupulous, but I can say that it involves planting a seed in the minds of the subjects. After the initial sequence, our subjects begin to recognize us when they encounter us at other locations. We become familiar, but they cannot seem to remember where they know us from.

The results of Seeding are so successful that there are “subjects” that I meet decades later who are certain that I am an old friend. For this reason, I rarely make eye contact with anyone anymore. And I wear a mask.

Our further experiments involve puppetry; using our minds to induce others to move their bodies…


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