We Call This Ability “Seeding” – 2

My friend and I decide to take Seeding to a higher level of control where the results are almost immediately discernible; sometimes with dramatic effect.

Initially, the process requires at least two puppeteers acting in concert. (Mentally moving another human’s body takes a lot out of you.) At the public transport hub, my friend and I wait until a crowd has gathered to await the scheduled bus. We stand apart so that no one knows we are acquainted with each other.

Once the bus arrives, one of us acts as though he is hearing an unusual sound coming from beneath the vehicle. He stoops down to see what the problem is, then indicates to me, an apparent stranger, that he will not board the bus which is unsafe by his estimation. I agree and decide to wait for another ‘safe’ bus with him. As other passengers notice our actions they too begin refusing to ‘get on board’.

Soon, without either of us having said a word, we hear a murmur through the crowd that the bus is not safe. The bus driver leaves the station confused. My friend and I mingle with the passengers and disappear separately. After a few weeks, our powers increase…


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