All About Eve

I arrive at the vehicle service center to pick up my car. Already in the waiting area, wearing an oversized T-shirt and jeans, is a mature woman. She has narrow eyes, high cheekbones, and a ready smile full of small teeth…

“I’ve been waiting here for quite some time. Apparently the billing machine is not working and they’re trying to sort it out.”

“Is that so?”

“And I’m not even seeing the supervisor who usually keeps things running smoothly.”

“Well, this morning I overheard one of the clerks on the phone telling someone that she left the company.”

“Really? I’m also not seeing that little guy with the accent who would check the cars in.”

“I’m not too disappointed by not seeing him. He hits on me every time I come here; trying to get my mobile number. One time, he got my number from the files and rang my phone 11 times that evening.”

“Really?! That’s awkward. Did you ever report it to them?”

“No, I didn’t want to get him fired.”

“That’s very kind of you! Oh, look at that SUV pulling out. I don’t like those; too big. I drive a little car. It’s easy to park and I’m single now and all of my children are grown and gone from home so it’s just me. I have the freedom to move around as I please now.”

“It looks like they’re getting the machine fixed. When they do, I’m telling them that you’re paying my bill!”

“Ha! Don’t you dare! Today, I had so much to do. After bringing my car in, I went to the passport office, then to the Immigration office, then I paid my bills. It’s getting cold in here. Come, let’s wait outside.”

“Is that your taupe colored umbrella?”

“Oh, yes! I forgot it here this morning.”

“I saw it here this morning.”

“You must have missed me by a few minutes, then. My name is Eve. What’s yours?”


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