Meeting Angela

In college, a friend of mine tells me of a very attractive girl he saw on a bus a few days earlier. The Friday of that week, I am waiting with another mutual friend for the bus when a young woman approaches.

My friend begins flirting with her and I join in the conversation. We talk about our neighborhoods, then realize that she and I live approximately thirty minutes away from each other on foot. My home is at the end of a dead end side street north of an expressway; hers is on the southern side. Due to this separation we must each take a different bus to get home.

On the Monday following the weekend I am alone at the same bus stop which is near the campus library. I see the same young woman approaching. We smile and talk while waiting for our buses. She is not a college student, but she loves reading, so she spends hours at the library every day.

During our conversation she reveals that she has seen my house. While out for a stroll she happened upon its location (half hour away from her home on the other side of the expressway, at the end of a dead end street; exactly where I described it to be.) Her name is Angela


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