Tara’s Dating Batman

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I spend the time between my classes with Angela. On Thursdays, and/or Saturdays I spend the afternoon at the mall with Tara.

Things are going well; Tara is a few years older than I am and she has a steady boyfriend. An injured player for a professional football team in Houston, he is in Florida for physical therapy.

One evening, Tara asks me to keep her company until the mall closes. She says that her boyfriend will give me a lift to my home afterward. As usual, we spend the time between her dealings with customers in deep conversation about art, and psychology.

The mall is closing. Tara leads me through the service entrance, into the parking lot where a large man steps out of a car. It is her boyfriend. I  whisper to her that he is huge; as big as Batman.

She laughs, telling me not to worry. They take me to my home…




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