Us – Vanessa

I am invited to join a student club. This is where I meet Vanessa.

Some Jamaicans teach me to play Dominoes and Vanessa makes a perfect partner for me at this game. We think alike; our nonverbal signals to each other come naturally.

During one game of Dominoes her foot touches mine beneath the table. It feels awkward, but she winks at me; I am sure that it is accidental. Then, it happens again, this time lingering.

Later that evening she finds me sitting at the bus stop, alone. She reveals that she looked up my member file and was amazed to find that we were born on the same day in the same month of the same year.

She is delighted.

“It’s no wonder we get along so well,” she exclaims, looking directly into my eyes. “We’re soul mates!”

“This must be some sort of elaborate joke”, I think, but as we sit waiting for the bus she tells me that I need to leave; her husband is coming to pick her up.

Innocently, I ask her why; I am simply waiting for the bus.

“Because he’ll see ‘us’,” she replies.

“Us,” I ponder silently. Then it hits me. “US”? Are we an “US”?

Vanessa is from the Bahamas…


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