Miss Universe & Orange Soda

On my way to lunch, the newly hired receptionist, who recently participated as a contestant in the Miss Universe pageant, invites herself along. She is beautiful, and I am not opposed to her imposition.

We walk to the local Burger Guys restaurant where she convinces me to order the special; two sandwiches with fries, and two liters of orange soda.

While eating she confesses to me that she is having an affair with one of the married sales persons, and details their trysts in the company lunchroom. It becomes evident that her accompanying me to lunch is possibly a ruse to misdirect our fellow employees as to her true interests.

Her voracious appetite extends beyond her lunchroom activities for she has finished her lunch, and is now picking french fries off of my plate. She asks if my sandwich is good, and I let her have the rest of it.

On the way back to the office she tucks the two liter bottle neatly under her arm. I don’t want it.

I try to clear my mind of thoughts of what she and her secret lover might do in the lunchroom, after hours, with a bottle of orange soda.


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