Three’s Company

It is Wednesday, and I am at work on campus at the Student Life game room. This is the most convenient time for me to work with Tara on her assignment for the psychology course she is taking at another university.

Wednesday is also the only day that Angel and I still have the time to meet at the campus library to where I read poetry to her.

Vanessa has already been picked up by her husband.

Tara is at the counter in the game room with me. I am sketching her description of her dream. Every thirty minutes or so, I tell her that I need to leave for a few minutes to deal with something. Then, I run across campus to the library where Angel is waiting. I read a few lines of poetry to her, then I run back across to the game room to continue working with Tara on her project.

Understanding that I am at work, and being preoccupied with the written part of her assignment, Tara does it even notice the I have been back and forth to the library three times already. Angel, on the other hand, is becoming suspicious. She decides to follow me to see where I keep running off to.

As I enter the game room I realize that Angel is standing right behind me. She is furious and leaves before I can explain myself. I try to follow her but the telephone rings. It is Vanessa and she is crying, but she hangs up before I can ask why.

Worried, I dial her number but a male voice answers. I identify myself and ask to speak with her, but the man, her husband, says that she is unavailable. As he hangs up I overhear him shouting angrily at someone.

Tara and I finish working on her assignment, my shift at the game room ends, then she takes me out for sushi…

Three’s Company


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