If I Had Hot Wings – Josette

Vanessa is becoming increasingly possessive. It starts subtly. Everyday, as a group of us are about to leave the campus to get lunch, which for me consists of one Junior Bacon Cheese Burger with Biggie Fries and a Biggie Drink, she would pay for it before I could, or she would have already purchased it for me. There are times that I am able to refuse her offer. Other times I accept her generosity.

Josette, a tall slim Jamaican friend of a friend’s girlfriend, tells me that she knows where we can purchase the best Buffalo Wings in the state. We make arrangements for her to take me there between classes.

Vanessa shows up early expecting to go to lunch with the usual group. I tell her that I have plans with Josette. In a loud and stern tone, in front of a large group of students, she implies that all of the money she has spent on me demands reciprocity. I remind her that she is married, and leave with Josette…


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