I’m at a bus stop at 6 pm. It is getting dark, and I am feeling hungry. Scanning a nearby strip mall I see a KFC restaurant. I enter and stand in line. There is a very attractive woman, approximately five years my senior, taking orders at the counter. Her name tag reads Millicent and she appears to be the manager of the franchise.

I do not have enough money for a drink, so I order something to eat, and pay for it. I find a seat at the window, so I can see the when the next bus arrives. This leaves my back to the counter.

While eating I feel someone lean over me from behind. An arm reaches over and places a drink on the table in front of me.

I turn around to see Millicent; she is smiling, and as I attempt to tell her that I did not order the drink she winks at me and walks away.

The bus arrives. I thank her, grab my things and run off to catch it. On my return to that stop days later I again enter the KFC restaurant. Millicent is at the counter, but on this occasion I have enough to pay for everything. Before I can sit the bus arrives. I board it and head for the back seat where I intend to eat privately. When I open the box it contains a lot more than I ordered.

The next time I visit that KFC Millicent is not there. However, a slim, dark, young man takes my order.

I wonder what became of Millicent…

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 at 21:01


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