Plum Blossom

Everyone believes that Blossom and I would make a great couple. We would have a beautiful wedding, and perfect children. Well, that’s what they tell me, I have no idea what they’ve been saying to her. However, she is convinced that Jackie, her former hair dresser, tried to harm her as a result of her association with me.

As proof, she cites their last encounter at the salon where a concoction consisting of petroleum jelly, mineral oil, emulsifiers, and sodium hydroxide was being applied to her scalp while she was casually grilled by Jackie on particulars pertaining to her friendship with me.
It is Blossom’s contention that Jackie, not being satisfied by her answers, left the chemicals in her hair much longer than the prescribed period determined as safe for humans resulting in severe burns to her scalp.
Jackie and her sister are now married to other men. They are out for a stroll around the park with their husbands and their mother. I stop to say hello. With a broad smile their mother turns to their new husbands. “This is the man that my daughters were waiting on for so long,” she says. There is a awkward silence. I make excuses and leave…

Friday, 24 January 2014 at 08:38


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