Angel Dust

What if I was fooled? What if she doesn’t need me at all? Perhaps she is married, and her husband looks over her shoulder being amused by our instant message conversations. “What a moron!” he probably says. “She forgot you years ago.”

It could be that she messaged me after ten years solely for assistance in creating her PowerPoint Presentation. Maybe, it is he who reminded her of the sap she used to know that was good at computer things. He may have encouraged her to contact me in spite of her reluctance. She could be too much for him to handle.

He is most probably happy to share his responsibilities with other men, while reaping the kudos, the public “thanks you’s” for being a wonderful and supportive husband, along with the other ‘benefits’. But she thanks me only in secret.

This is plausible.

But, I am quite sure that I am smarter than he is.

After all, I am not married to her…


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