Psycho Magnet

She arrives without warning, and sits with me at my desk for periods ranging from fifteen minutes to as much as two hours. She tells me of her past; she is at least five years younger than I, spent the early years of her life in London, then for unexplained reasons, found herself here with a son, a toddler.

On a few occasions she brings the boy with her. Depending on the time she shows up at the studio, I share my lunch with her, or take her with me to a restaurant nearby. Our conversations regularly stray into problems she is having with her significant other at the time; possibly three separate gentlemen since I met her, although I can never tell for sure. Her frequent visits have inspired a television producer/journalist who works out of the studio and is privy to further details of my other interesting visitors to nicknameĀ me “Psycho Magnet”…


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