A Flirt? – KC

“Why you always flirting with the girls and pretending you didn’t do it intentionally? Lol or are these other people’s stories?”

“That last one was intentional. Everything else is just people being themselves. Why would I flirt with a little girl in a tutu?”

“Tutu? The woman working in the store going to the movies was a little girl in a tutu? Lol”

“No, the one at the grocery store with the balloon “

“Flirt” “How so? All I did was get in line like I usually do.”

“I think you don’t know you’re doing it. Who invited the lady to cinema?

That was in that instance. It was deliberate. I knew what I was doing.

“I say it because that’s what you’re doing. But I won’t say it anymore.”

“I write everything as it happened. Which is why I include times where I messed up or actually flirted. You’re free to comment like everyone else. I just don’t understand what you mean. How can I flirt by buying food, or standing in line at the grocery store? In that case I better stop looking women in the eye, or at them at all. You still haven’t explained how I’m flirting.”

“I don’t know how to explain it. lol. It seems to come naturally for you.”

“Have I flirted with you?”

“You have. Lol”

I know, but that’s because I find you attractive. Not random women in the street.”

“Random women feel you and the strong silent type are flirting with them, without trying.”

“‘Strong, silent type’? I guess I should just stay at home then.”

“and deny all these lovely stories, tsk tsk tsk”


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