If The Gloves Fit…

“Excuse me…”

“Good afternoon. I’m sorry, but I don’t work here. There’s a sales person over there, maybe she can assist you…”

“No. You see I’d like to buy a pair of weightlifting gloves and I’m not sure which to choose. Do you go to a gym?”

“I used to, but now I workout at home. I use the weighted gloves; the ones on the racks over there.”

“Oh! I did not even know those existed!”

“Here comes the sales person. I’m sure she can help you better than I can.”

I begin walking away, but the sales woman is calling me back…

“She’s buying these gloves for a man and we need to see what size would fit. Can we try them on your hands?”

“I suppose so. I’m not sure that my hands are average man-sized hands.”

There’s a lot of giggling as my hand is forced into one of the gloves…

“Look at what I’m putting you through. I hope you don’t tell your wife about this.”

“Don’t worry about that; I’m not married. But, the person you’re getting these gloves for; are his hands the same size as mine?”

“Let me measure hand against yours… Yes, I think so… You do know that you have lipstick on your face?”


“I’m serious. Must be from one of your ladies. Look in the mirror over there.”

“Oh, right! I ran into an old friend about half hour ago. She kissed me.

“OK. I’m getting these gloves as a birthday present for my brother, not my husband; I’m single too. My name is Stacy.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Thanks for all your help.”


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