My Torture

Saturday night, April 6th, 1996.

The young driver of the Toyota Cressida in which I am a passenger runs a red traffic light making a U-Turn onto a freeway.

Another car moving at high velocity slams into the door where I am sitting, bending the chassis of the Cressida into a lateral curve, and violently pushing the door and top of the vehicle into my head.

The other four passengers quickly climb from the wreckage, however I am trapped by my seatbelt, the latch of which has been  driven deep into the cushion of my seat, which was now compressed and upturned sideways, due to the crumpling of the vehicle.

Fearing a resulting fire, I rip the seat open, disconnect the seatbelt, and crawl out through the driver’s door. The driver of the other vehicle is found in a ditch nearby nursing minor injuries to himself and his three year old son.

Since that night I have realized an ability to learn whatever I want to, when I want to, at a very rapid rate. I intuitively know how to fix things, to make them work. However, I suffer the unwanted side effect of certain severely painful “Events” that I have documented to happen every 14 to 21 days.

Having sworn to never use OTC painkillers, I have been working to formulate a serum which would decrease the pain while maintaining my abilities. I have frequently come close to a solution, only to fail. I know when the pain is coming. I am powerless to stop it.

It’s like being bound and left deep in a dungeon cell with a drilling device strapped and inserted into my brain. I know this place; I know the way out.

I escape and manage to climb a few levels up. The columns; I have to make it to the colonnade. I hide between the columns. But they are always searching.

They find me, drag me into a deeper cell, and strap the device on again. Deeper into my head. I can’t find where it is. I need to cut it out of me. Then I do find it, remove it, and run again. Climbing out.

The cycle continues. Deeper and deeper. I know this place; I know the way out. I can’t tell how deep I’ve been taken, but sometime after I lose consciousness they set me free.

I awaken on the surface with a warning note taped to my chest. But it is in a language that I cannot read. And sometimes, in the daylight, I miss that place…

Days Without Event: 1

My Torture

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