Across The River

I am in the drivers seat of a firetruck, hurtling toward the edge of a cliff above a river that has carved it’s way through a rocky hill. Speeding alongside me is a large all terrain military vehicle, driven by another escapee from the Science Facility and his young son. The plan was to commandeer ATV then make our escape, but plan change; I had to improvise.

Gaining on us is a group of military jeeps. They’re shouting words that I can’t make out over a megaphone. I must get out of this firetruck; it is too heavy to make the jump to the other side of the river, to safety.

Pulling parallel to the large military vehicle, I jam the pedal and steering wheel of the firetruck and jump from it, barely able to hold on to the window of the ATV. I join the father and son escapees inside, but realize that this vehicle is also too heavy.

While the now uncontrolled, fire truck careens in a sharp right turn, flips onto its side, and explodes, our vehicle plunges off the cliff.
Moments later we emerge at the other side. Our vehicle was not light enough to make the jump, but was strong enough to survive the fall.


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