The Numbers

I decide to air/sun dry my laundry. This time I intend to deviate from my usual behavior that finds me carefully planning the order in which clothing is hung on the clothesline.

The laundry is removed from the washing machine and placed in a hamper. It consists of ten t-shirts; two shirts with grey and white stripes, two light grey sleeveless shirts, two light grey shirts, and four dark grey shirts.

Eleven clothes pins are required to hang these in overlapping sequence. I have ten white ones, so I take a yellow one to make the number.

Without looking into the hamper, I take each shirt and pin it to the line with a clothespin in what I assume to be a sequence of random selections.

However, on returning indoors and looking through the window I see:
2 dark grey, 1 striped, 1 light grey, 2 sleeveless, 1 light grey, 1 striped, 2 dark grey shirts pinned to the line with 5 white pins, 1 yellow, then 5 white pins.

[2,1,1,2,1,1,2] and [5,1,5]

Is someone playing mind games on me?

What if it’s a phone number?! (515) 211-2112
Should I dial it? What should I say;
“Hello, my laundry happened to be hung in a sequence that gave me your telephone number”?


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