21 June 18:21

I see a neighbour and his 4 year old daughter about half a block ahead of me. He’s taking her for a leisurely Sunday evening stroll. Reflecting on the effect I tend to have on people who don’t see me coming, as I get closer behind them, I jingle the keys in my pocket to alert them to my presence.

The little girl spins around with a look of horror; her father looks equally surprised…

“Evening. You move really quietly! I didn’t hear any footsteps! If not for the keys…”
“Sorry. That tends to happen often.”

The keys were supposed to warn them, not scare them. Some time ago, I almost gave an old lady a heart attack in a stairwell.

I don’t think I’ll ever leave the ‘creepy guy down the street’ label behind me. The next time I shall try jingling the keys while further away.


One thought on “Sneaky


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