One Year Later… – Angel

July 29th 2014

She’s trying to make me feel guilty, but I just don’t like talking on the phone:

“why do you refuse to talk to me on Skype?”

“It’s not that I refuse. I always seem to miss your calls… *no answer*… I just tried to call you.”

“yep, i see. i do not want you to call because to told you call. its okay my friend. no big deal. i was disappointed when you told me that you would. it was disrespectful. it would have been better if you had said, ‘not tonight, i am busy or i can’t talk you.’ some BS”

“Something came up. But that doesn’t matter at this point. I’m sorry. I should have kept my word.”

“yeah, you should have… no big deal! No need to apologize either. Its cool”

I don’t hear from her again for four months. She leaves a one word message; my name as a question…


“Hi. I was in FL last month. Sent you a message to meet up but you didn’t reply.”

She doesn’t respond again until July 29th 2015; one year to the day she stopped talking to me…

One Year Later… – Angel


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