There Was a Time When She Hated Me

15 days later I receive a message…

“hi. how are you?”

“Hi, I’m not bad, thanks. How are you? I just saw that you tried to call me? I have to switch on my phone…”

“you do not have to. no worries. just wanted to hear your voice. it has been a while”


On the phone, she asks why a guy like me, “handsome, kind, educated”, is single. I tell her that I’m a special sort of person who takes a lot of getting used to; a person who likes to be alone. And that after her, over the years, there have been very few people that I’ve gotten close to. I ask her the same question, and she replies that she’s a special person who needs a particular sort of gentleman.

She says that I always make her feel special.

There was a time when she hated me, she admits. Was it the time that I was put out of her apartment in the winter? It was not that time and she refuses to disclose anything further.

She turns on her camera to show me her newly purchased high-heeled shoes. They aren’t comfortable. In the background I get glimpses of her home; the bedroom, closet, the bed, the house next door through the window.

Her other telephone rings…


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