Back To The Lab

Twelve hours of agonizing torture; the worst pain I’ve experienced in months.

Yet I. did. not. take. painkillers.

If this has taught me anything it is patience under duress. There is no better way to feel out of control than to wait; to know that there is nothing you can do but wait.

Everyone offers a remedy; painkillers, elixirs. Yesterday an old lady recommended acupressure. Smoke and mirrors. Temporary panaceas. Painkillers may work, but I refuse to be beholden to something to which I may not always have access.

The torturers hides from these stop gap measures, he waits them out then returns with vengeance.

The solution is to wait twenty-four hours. Let the torturer finish his work. Get past twenty-four hours and all will be well. The problem; not knowing when the twenty-four hour period began.

Patience. Wait.

I think I’m getting stronger.

(Although, at this moment I feel quite weak. This may be due to the convulsions.)

My serums have failed.

Resetting the clock…


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