Next in Line

Monday 23 May 2016

I’m in the hallway chatting with a friend; a woman. Another woman approaches, brushes up against me as she passes by, then continues on her way.

Later at the grocery store, I find the shortest line to a cashier. There is a line where one man is already paying for his groceries, but someone has left their shopping basket at the end of the conveyor. I move past the unattended basket and place my lunch, Granola and one litre of Apple Juice, on the belt. Just then, a slim, mature Asian woman, wearing high heels and skinny jeans comes up behind me to claim the shopping basket as hers.

As I step aside to allow her to get ahead of me, she puts her hand on my shoulder and slides it across my back:
“No, no. It’s okay. You stay right there.”


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