Honk If You…

Apr 18, 2016 12:12pm

She is waving to me again. She does it every time she sees me; several times each day.

Last week, she says, she saw me walking down the street as she drove by. She honked her horn but I did not respond.

I tell her that I heard the car horn but could not tell where it came from.

She says I would not have recognized the vehicle; she was driving her husband’s SUV at the time.

Honk If You…

Public ‘Transportation’


Having fallen asleep on the bus again, I am awakened by the sensation of someone’s soft fingertips running gently along my arm. Looking up slowly, without turning my head, I glance to my left to find a quaintly dressed young woman with rather large, deep eyes. I turn to look at her, but she keeps looking out the window with a slight smile on her face. She knows I am looking at her, but doesn’t stop stroking my arm.

By this time I have bypassed my bus-stop and I’m carefully crafting my first words to her. She raises her arm and rings the bus to stop. I have missed my chance to speak to her.

I never see her again…

Public ‘Transportation’

Tech Talk

Wednesday 19th October 2016 2:15pm

“Hi, are you busy?”

“Yes, but never too busy.”

“Oh. You were walking so fast. You’re good with technology, right?”

“I know a few things”

“Well, my laptop keeps flashing off and on………..”

“Then bring it by and I’ll see what I can do to fix it. Weren’t there two of you standing here before?”

“Yes, my friend went over there to wait. She’s acting as though I had something so private to tell you.”

“Oh… Umm… Okay.”


She has made her move. Now, I must be very careful…

Tech Talk