In A Few Years

Later, another older woman reaches through the driver side window and begins stroking my face: “I’ve always told you that if I was a few years younger…” And I think: “No, what you used to say is you wish you had a daughter my age.”Read more

Footsie – LG

May 01, 2016 7:55pm “You’ve been working hard all day.” “Yes, and my feet are killing me!” “Well, my daughter here could rub them for you.” “Ma’am, you wouldn’t want your daughter anywhere near my feet.”Read more

If I Had, But I Don’t – Whitney

“I want to ask you a question… If you had a daughter… And she told you that she was pregnant… How would you respond?” “I would thank her for confiding in me, and make sure that she understands it is not the end of the world. I would make sure that she feels that I still love her, and knows that as long as I’m alive I’ll be there to support her.” “I wish you were my father, then.”Read more

Boss’ Daughter – Gail

It is afternoon and I am in my cubicle with a throbbing headache, so I have put my head down on my desk. Two hands begin massaging my neck then slide alongside my ears to work on my temples. I sit up and open my eyes. Without turning around, I glance over at my coworker who shares the cubicle; he is unsuccessfully pretending that he is not seeing what is taking place. The hands belong to Gail, the daughter ofRead more