No Medium

Apr 08, 2016 6:52pm “Good afternoon, I would like to order two medium…” “Oh you want medium this time?” “But I usually order the mediu…” “We only have large and small boxes today, so I’ll give you two large for the medium price.” “Just one large should be fine, thank yo…” She walks away, fills two large boxes, then brings them to me. This the second time  she has done this. Is she trying to fatten me up?Read more

Food Service Women – Networking

After the networking event I am with a friend, ordering a vegetarian wrap with Swiss Cheese, mushrooms, and guacamole at a fast food restaurant on the university campus.As I step to the cashier, the woman rolling the wraps begins dancing provocatively to the Jamaican dancehall music playing on the radio. One of her coworkers (a mature Indian woman) is giving her an intense glare of exasperation as she gyrates her hips. The dancing woman says she would like to see me smile.Deliberately,Read more