Decade – KB

Wednesday 2nd November 2016 10:43am “Hi.” “Hello.” “I just came by to say ‘Hi.’ Actually, I’ll be back in a few minutes. But, I feel like I haven’t seen you in about ten years.” “Okay.” (But… she saw me last Friday.)Read more

Public ‘Transportation’

Having fallen asleep on the bus again, I am awakened by the sensation of someone’s soft fingertips running gently along my arm. Looking up slowly, without turning my head, I glance to my left to find a quaintly dressed young woman with rather large, deep eyes. I turn to look at her, but she keeps looking out the window with a slight smile on her face. She knows I am looking at her, but doesn’t stop stroking my arm. By this time I have bypassed my bus-stop and I’m carefully crafting my firstRead more

Sweet Beets

August 20, 2016 4:45pm “Hi, I need to talk to you later; I have a number for you.” “A number? What kind of number? Why don’t you just talk to me now?” “A friend of mine saw you out in the parking lot a few months ago. She finds you attractive; she gave me her phone number to give to you.” *** She hands me a lightly crumpled, folded slip of paper which I unfold. It is a receipt forRead more

The Eye of the Beholder – Janelle

She is one year younger than I am and quite attractive, by my standards. As she stands talking with her friends, almost in slow motion, I see a small leaf float down from a tree and into her hair. They are all facing the other way. I take this as my opportunity to talk to her. I have always been very quiet; not only in conversation, but even in motion. My family members are always startled when, according to them, I appearRead more