Neither Ben Nor Jerry

Tuesday 1st November 2016 6:07pm In line at the grocery store, it is my turn at the cashier… “Good evening. We have a deal on Ben & Jerry’s.” “Thanks, but I don’t eat ice cream.” “Then, maybe for your children?” “I don’t have children.”Read more

Public ‘Transportation’

Having fallen asleep on the bus again, I am awakened by the sensation of someone’s soft fingertips running gently along my arm. Looking up slowly, without turning my head, I glance to my left to find a quaintly dressed young woman with rather large, deep eyes. I turn to look at her, but she keeps looking out the window with a slight smile on her face. She knows I am looking at her, but doesn’t stop stroking my arm. By this time I have bypassed my bus-stop and I’m carefully crafting my firstRead more

Ballet Sitting – KJ

Wednesday 29 July 2015 1:35 PM Woman: I have some things to take care of upstairs. Do you want to come with me? Daughter: No, I’ll stay with him. Dressed in ballet clothes, she’s a seven year old girl that I just met for the first time. She passes the time dancing around with a lollipop.Read more

Minus Ten

Tuesday 24 May 2016 9:43 AM “You got a haircut?! You look ten years younger!” “Really?! So how old do I usually look?” “I don’t know. You just look younger. It takes you.” “So I look like what; 50 years old now?” “It looks nice. It looks very nice.”Read more

Next in Line

Monday 23 May 2016 I’m in the hallway chatting with a friend; a woman. Another woman approaches, brushes up against me as she passes by, then continues on her way. Later at the grocery store, I find the shortest line to a cashier. There is a line where one man is already paying for his groceries, but someone has left their shopping basket at the end of the conveyor. I move past the unattended basket and place my lunch, GranolaRead more


I am the only customer in the dark little store. There is a sole female clerk, wearing a short, tightly fitting dress with broad shiny bangles, multiple golden rings on several of her fingers and large golden earrings dangling from her ears, standing behind the counter. I choose three items… “I would like to have these three, please; each in a paper envelope.” Meticulously, she removes each from its plastic case, folds the labels, and slips them into paper envelopes. The task takes longer thanRead more

Honk If You…

Apr 18, 2016 12:12pm She is waving to me again. She does it every time she sees me; several times each day. Last week, she says, she saw me walking down the street as she drove by. She honked her horn but I did not respond. I tell her that I heard the car horn but could not tell where it came from. She says I would not have recognized the vehicle; she was driving her husband’s SUV at the time.Read more