In A Few Years

Later, another older woman reaches through the driver side window and begins stroking my face: “I’ve always told you that if I was a few years younger…” And I think: “No, what you used to say is you wish you had a daughter my age.”Read more

Invisible Man

July 26, 2014 I all but give a mature woman a heart attack in the stairwell by bidding her good morning as I am passing behind her. Spinning around with a look of shock and horror she clutches her chest. Even when I try to make a lot of noise I tend to move too quietly. I don’t think she trusts me.Read more


The pale woman hands me an axe; making me believe that she wants me to free the man tied to the wooden chair in the middle of the dark warehouse. “Do you want me to free him now?” I ask. She takes the axe from me, and swings it at the man in the chair, “No, you just gave me the fingerprints I need.”Read more